Will Jackley voters back Noem or cross to Sutton?

One key to Democratic state Sen. Billie Sutton’s campaign for governor of South Dakota is opposition among Republicans to their party’s nominee, U.S. Rep. Kristi Noem. So says his running mate, Michelle Lavallee.

She told Minnehaha County Democrats at their lunch meeting Friday that Republicans who supported state Attorney General Marty Jackley have been approaching the Sutton campaign.

They reportedly didn’t like how Noem’s campaign turned negative about Jackley at points during the weeks leading to the June 5 primary election.

“There is anger in this state,” Lavallee said. A video of her speech is circulating on the Internet.

She was a Republican until about two months ago, when she switched her voter registration to Democratic from Republican.

On the first day that the Sutton campaign recently created a Republicans for Sutton page on Facebook, about 80 Republicans filed out forms, according to Lavallee.

A July poll conducted for Sutton’s campaign showed Noem leading by four points.