SDRS might soon enter the Internet era

The South Dakota Retirement System trustees are one of the remaining boards connected to state government that don’t routinely provide Internet coverage of their meetings. That might change in 2019, according to Rob Wylie, the system’s executive director.

Three of the quarterly meetings have been at The View, a restaurant complex east of Pierre on SD 34. (The fourth meeting each year is in Sioux Falls at the State Investment Office.) The View is closing, and that coincides with the end of its business arrangement with SDRS.

“It is a timely question as our contract with the View is ending this December. We are currently looking for a new location for our meetings and we will make that one of the criteria in our search,” Wylie said.

There is a mixture of elected trustees who represent their respective state, county, municipal and school-board governments, as well as governor-appointed trustees, including Lt. Gov. Matt Michels. Chairman is state Supreme Court Justice Steven Zinter.

The Daugaard administration has made transparency a priority, with the governor at times asking Cabinet members about their efforts.