Republican voters have surged in South Dakota

Republicans continued their streak of gains in registration of South Dakota voters during July, according to the Aug. 3 monthly report from the South Dakota Secretary of State office.

Republicans totaled 252,215. They added more than 700 voters since the previous report July 2.

Democrats were at 156,353. That was a small rise of 37.

There’s also something still afoot in the independents category. They climbed to 122,549, a gain of more than 700.

What’s just as noteworthy is the trend through the first seven months of 2018.

Republicans rose by more than 6,700 since the Jan. 2 report, while Democrats fell by more than 3,500. Republicans had statewide primary elections for governor and U.S. House nominations on June 5 that were highly competitive, while Democrats didn’t have contests in those races.

During that same stretch, independents rose by more than 1,700.

The numbers suggest Republicans have become more engaged again under their South Dakota chairman, Dan Lederman, than Democrats have under their chairwoman Ann Tornberg.