File this under “Gone fishing”

The subject line of the email from Democratic candidate for governor Billie Sutton said: “Polling (via SD for Sutton)”. The content was this:

“Billie’s plan for the future of South Dakota is built on expanding our economy and bringing better jobs to our state. We must re-commit ourselves to job training, education, and workforce development so that our state can live up to our potential and all South Dakotans can be part of the prosperity.

“Do you agree with Billie that education is a key part of improving our economy?”

Then there were a green button that read “YES!” and a red button that said “No.”

So I clicked “YES!”

And this is what came up next:

“Thank you for voting!

“Thank you for speaking out! Billie is committed to hearing from the people of South Dakota throughout this campaign.

“Billie is running for governor to ensure that all South Dakotans can live the South Dakota dream of having a good-paying job, with a great quality of life, with a world-class education, and in a state that helps everyone live up to his or her potential! Will you please take the next step and contribute now?”

The suggested amount was $25 but there were seven other choices. Six were for amounts larger than $25. The last was a blank box to fill in.

The digital age, indeed.