The return of Mike Diedrich

When former legislator Mike Diedrich returns Tuesday to the state Capitol and takes his seat at his official desk, the occasion will be sort of back to the future.

The Rapid City Republican previously was a senator for three terms covering 1987 through 1990 and then for the 1993-94 term when Democrats last controlled the Senate.

That was so long ago the Legislative Research Council doesn’t post those records on its website. The digital records on the site start at the 1997 regular session.

Diedrich served in the Senate during the times when George S. Mickelson and Walter Dale Miller were South Dakota’s governors

Tuesday marks the first official day of a legislative session when Diedrich, now 63, is a member in the House of Representatives.

Gov. Dennis Daugaard appointed Diedrich to the vacancy left by the Nov. 22 death of Rep. Craig Tieszen, R-Rapid City.

Tieszen, a retired Rapid City police chief, had served the maximum four consecutive terms in the Senate and was finishing his first year in the House.

Tieszen was chairman for the House Retirement Laws Committee and was a member of the education; judiciary; and government operations and audit committees.

Diedrich is assigned to the judiciary committee and the health and human services committee. He is a lawyer and works at Regional Health based in Rapid City.

He was a lobbyist for Regional Health during the past three legislative sessions.