State board considers more waters for clean-up

One of the items state government’s Board of Water and Natural Resources is scheduled to consider after the New Year break is the set of funding recommendations for the 319 program.

The title refers to the federal government’s identifier for its assistance to reducing sources of non-point water pollution, such as rural run-off.

The state’s 319 task force recently recommended three projects for the latest round of funding. They are:

— The eighth segment of the Belle Fourche River watershed partnership would cost an estimated $2.5 million for reducing E. coli and other pollutants.

The Belle Fourche project sponsors asked for $250,000 of 319 federal funding. The task force recommended $250,000.

— The third segment of the Big Sioux River watershed project would focus on Moody County and cost an estimated $12.2 million to focus on “further reducing loadings from animal feeding operations, overland sediment transport” and other activities.

The Big Sioux project sponsors requested $1.1 million of 319 federal funding. The task force recommended $611,000.

— The South Central watershed partnership plans to spend $13.2 million for assisting “Lewis and Clark Lake, Lake Andes, Geddes, Academy and Platte Lake watersheds, impaired stretches of the Lower James River tributaries, and impaired reaches in the Vermillion River watershed.”

The South Central project sponsors sought $1.3 million in federal and state funding. The task force recommended $1 million from the 319 federal program and $150,000 from a state fund.

The state board’s recommendations would next go the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s regional staff in Denver for approval. The agenda for the Thursday afternoon meeting via the Digital Dakota videoconference network is at