Republicans clearly trust President Trump over Republican leaders

The latest Morning Consult / Politico survey of U.S. voters reports this morning that Republicans are much more likely to trust President Donald Trump rather than Republican leaders of Congress to work with Democrats on certain issues.

The split is startling: 56 percent of Republicans believe Trump is the better solution, while 28 percent of Republicans put their faith behind House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate leader Mitch McConnell.

Here’s a second finding from the poll: 43 percent of Democratic voters believe Republican leaders would be better at reaching bipartisan compromise, while another 43 percent of Democrats said they don’t know whether the choice should be Republican leaders or the Republican president.

As for independents, they’re split in a third way: 48 percent said they don’t know, 27 percent favor Republican leaders and 25 percent think it will be Trump.

The online poll was taken Sept. 7-11, 2017, among 1,976 registered voters. The story is here.