One legislator’s take on replacing Rep. Tieszen

I sent a note Thursday to state Rep. David Lust, R-Rapid City, asking what advice he would offer to the person that Gov. Dennis Daugaard appoints to replace state Rep. Craig Tieszen, R-Rapid City. The funeral for Rep. Tieszen is Monday.

Lust served eight consecutive years in the House of Representatives, including the final four as House Republican leader, and returned to full-time law practice in 2015. After the death of Rep. Dan Dryden, R-Rapid City, last year, the governor appointed Lust to the vacancy. Lust is now serving the term Dryden won. Lust doesn’t plan to run in 2018.

Here’s what Dave had to say via email Thursday afternoon:

“Not to sound cliché but Craig really is irreplaceable. I cannot think of a legislator with whom I have served who was as engaged, responsive, and professional as Craig. He thoroughly enjoyed everything involved with the process. The things many legislators least enjoy (social events, crackerbarrels, etc…) were things Craig relished. He thoroughly enjoyed people – regardless of their perspective or beliefs. We had many hours in the car together to talk about issues and ideas. Those are great memories and I am going to miss that the most.

“I hope his replacement strives to maintain a similar level of professionalism, thoughtfulness, and respect for others. More importantly, I hope those who remain in the legislature model their conduct after Craig. That would be a great way to honor him.”