James River district distributes grants

Here’s the email I received in the late afternoon Thursday from the James River water development district:


CONTACT PERSON: Dave Bartel or Judy Smoyer, 352-0600

November 9, 2017

Chairman Dan Klimisch of Yankton announces that the James River Water Development District awarded $365,113 in cost-sharing assistance at their recent Board of Directors meeting held in Huron on Thursday, November 9.

The District awarded $23,853 to the United State Geological Survey for operation and maintenance of three streamflow gaging stations on the James River near Stratford, Redfield, and Yankton. These funds will provide quality hydrologic data in a timely and professional manner. Current stream flow conditions can be found at: http://waterwatch.usgs.gov/index.php?r=sd&id=ww_current.

The District awarded $1,250 to the Town of Volin to perform a study to identify solutions to know issues and identify other issues that would contribute to a more cost effective and compliant system that will provide additional benefits to the Town of Volin.

The District awarded $163,500 to the Town of Langford for engineering, legal, administrative and testing for replacing water meters, replacing AC pipe and replacing a water tower.

The District awarded $7,000 to Beadle Conservation District for a demo project to demonstrate various cropping systems to improve soil health and water quality. Approximately 5 sites, 5 acres each will be used to demonstrate the benefits of different cropping techniques that will address saline/sodic areas within a field to improve soil health by reducing run off, increasing infiltration and improving organic matter to bring these soils back into production.

The District awarded $10,000 to Sanborn Conservation District for purchasing a grass seeding drill to assist operators in the county with planting native grasses for CRP contracts, cover crops, food plots, wildlife habitat, and other conservation programs. These plantings, along with future plantings will improve the water quality by reducing soil erosion and nutrient runoff.

The District awarded $157,500 for 2018 tree planting efforts within the District; allocating $15,000 to Beadle Conservation District, Brown/Marshall Conservation District, South Brown Conservation District, Davison Conservation District, Hanson Conservation District, Hutchinson Conservation District, Marshall Conservation District, Sanborn Conservation District, Spink Conservation District, Yankton Conservation District and $7,500 to Aurora Conservation District. These funds will encourage producers to plant trees to improve the environment, for example; by protecting the soil, improving water quality and to establish wildlife habitat.

The District awarded $2,010 to the Northeast Glacial Lakes Watershed Improvement and Protection Project to conduct in-lake water quality sampling of Clear Lake and Roy Lake. Samples will be conducted during the summer of 2018 and 2019. Water quality parameters to be field sampled will included dissolved oxygen, pH, water temperature, air temperature, secchi disk and miscellaneous observations.

The District also was given an update on the activities of the SD Wolsey IBA Habitat Conservation Project, Phase 1 and the Central SD Water Quality Monitoring Project.

For further information, contact the James River Water Development District office in Huron at 352-0600 or visit the website at www.jrwdd.com.

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