As voter registration goes, so goes Trump’s approval — at least in South Dakota

The most recent monthly totals, posted for Oct. 3, showed South Dakota’s registered voters as 247,477 Republicans; 162,482 Democrats; 120,980 independents and no-party affiliation; and 2,935 from various other parties.

By comparison, the monthly totals posted for Sept. 1 showed 249,085 Republicans; 163,830 Democrats; 121,641 independents and no-party affiliation; and 2,919 from various other parties.

Voters registered for the 2008 general election in South Dakota were 241,528 Republicans; 204,413 Democrats; and 83,147 others.

Given the Republicans’ plurality in voters registered, the latest survey results released today (Tuesday) from Morning Consult regarding approval ratings for President Donald Trump in South Dakota seem to follow the same line

The Jan. 20 split for South Dakota was 54.2 percent approval and 33.5 percent disapproval. The Sept. 26 split for South Dakota was 50.7 percent approval and 43.5 percent disapproval.

That indicates Trump lost about 4 percent of his approval during that span in South Dakota while disapproval rose about 10 percent.

Trump, the Republican nominee, defeated Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in South Dakota 227,721 to 117,458 in the Nov. 8, 2016, general election in South Dakota. Libertarian Gary Johnson received 20,850 and Constitution nominee Darrell Castle 4,064.

Nationally, Morning Consult reported voters in all 50 states “have grown bearish on his performance in office.” The survey firm was looking ahead to the possible effects a Trump White House might have on the 2018 elections.

How does he fare among South Dakota’s neighbors?

In Nebraska, Trump dropped from 55.7 approval and 33.1 disapproval in January, to 49.7 approval and 45.5 disapproval in September.

In Iowa, Trump flipped from 48.6 approval and 39.6 disapproval in January, to 41.9 approval and 52.6 disapproval in September.

In Minnesota, Trump flipped as well, from 46.2 approval and 43.0 disapproval in January, to 38.8 approval and 56.1 disapproval in September.

In North Dakota, Trump slipped from 55.8 approval and 33.1 disapproval in January, to 50.9 approval and 43.9 disapproval in September.

In Montana, Trump decreased from 56.5 approval and 32.0 disapproval in January, to 49.8 approval and 45.2 disapproval in September.

In Wyoming, Trump went from 63.3 approval and 23.4 disapproval in January to 60.5 approval and 34.7 disapproval in September. Wyoming was the only state where Trump remained above 60 percent.